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It's becoming so very difficult for me to find cameras that I most often have a camera sold before I can even mount it on my website. Those cameras go directly to the "The Sold Archive". If you are interested in a camera that is in "The Gallery" you probably shouldn't wait to contact me as they sell rather quickly.

(253) 884 - 2262

If you are more interested in film history, look at some of the famous cameras on display and enjoy reading the accompanying text! Start with the KINEMACOLOR camera and then go to the Kong camera and then to the Metro camera and then just crash around and look at them all. It’s fun!















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Akeley, Universal, Moy, Debrie, Ernemann, Bastie, Bioscope, Pathe, Mitchell BNC, US Cinematograph, G.Gennert, Gustav Amigo, Williamson, DWG, Bell & Howell, Darling, Prestwich, Bass

last updated: 09/13/2014