Fox Mitchell Camera #167


This Mitchell camera first sold on February 18, 1929, this camera is more than eighty-seven years old and will shoot today.

William Fox was born Wilhelm Fuchs in Hungary to German Jewish parents. The family immigrated to the U.S. when fox was nine months old. When William was twenty four he purchased his first Nickelodeon parlor and was the beginning of Fox theaters. Today one can see his DNA in everything movies. This camera's story is a fun piece of William Fox's history.

It's quite rare to find a Mitchell camera that was originally purchased by any movie studio, as most have been lost or cannibalized for parts.

This Mitchell camera was designed to create the first great leap in real innovative motion picture imaging. Internal mattes like binoculars and key hole to a quick change four lens turret to quick change film magazines to automatic fade in and fade out. All these in camera abilities brought enhanced story telling to a place where it had not been for ten thousand years.













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