1919 Akeley "Pancake" Camera
Serial # 108


Recently there was a patent law suit between two modern European camera manufacturers over which one had the 'leveling eyepiece' first. It came out in court that Akeley had it on their cameras in 1915, well before either parties involved in the suit were founded.

Akeley cameras were the first to have a leveling eyepiece. When the operator was using the camera he didn't have to bend  or move while looking through the range finding lens. No other camera manufacturer has this dual lens set up. Carl Akeley's cameras became  the camera of choice for action shots.

This Akeley has more than the usual accessories. Eighty five years and the original instruction booklet is still with this camera. There is a mag case. There are four magazines, and even more rare, all four mags have serial numbers that match the camera. I have never seen this  before. There is a camera case with some small hand tools included. It is extremely rare to find any accessories with any  motion picture camera nearly a hundred years old, even more rare to find accessories with an Akeley. There are many cameras available on my web site but this Akeley is one of the rarest cameras ever.


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