The Bass No. 1048
Made in the U.S.A. ca. 1910
Price on Request




This is a wonderful, beautiful camera made from rich Honduran Mahogany. The doors are made from at least eleven separate pieces of wood. The door panels were built by the finest wood craftsmen. The look is of fine, quality cabinetry. The camera was made in the United States but the movement was licensed from a company in Prestwich, England. Except for Tropical models, none of the cameras made in England could travel the entire Unites States, from Florida to Nevada, and not warp or crack. This Bass camera is designed to be a truly professional camera and take large changes in temperatures and humidity.



This camera comes with an extremely beautiful and rare type of tripod and head. No one I know has ever seen another like this. It is a form of early friction head used in the 1910's when movies first started having the camera follow action. Before this, cameras were just centered on the set and documented a scene from that position. It is a very unique looking ball head and has a very unique way of panning and tilting. The wood in the tripod is in wonderful condition and has the real look of a fine antique. Complete with the look of the camera this is a very striking set up.



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