Bell & Howell  #1006
February 10, 1933


This is the 35mm camera that documented one of the most important pieces of American engineering history. The construction of Hoover Dam is unprecedented in the history of film documentation.  Their documenting of the project in such detail with the highest quality camera created footage that is envied by documentarians even today. This camera shot the footage that set the top standard for quality documentation.

Six Companies documented details that were not called for in their contract with the Federal Government. They documented even the smallest jobs on the construction site. They were dedicated to this for the entire project and filmed from before construction started until well after the job was done. Of the original Six Companies Bechtel is the lone survivor. With many thanks to their engineers and the experience garnered form the Hoover Dam Project, Bechtel is now the one construction company that is in position to build any size anything anywhere in the world. Boston's Big Dig is just one example of many huge construction projects completed by this amazing company.

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