The Bell & Howell 2709 serial #231
Made in the U.S.A. in 1918
Price on Request


The Unit I shuttle is a unique way to pass film through the gate for exposure. It has fixed pilot pins that register and then hold the film in place during exposure. This procedure is repeated in an identical manner each time, allowing for the film to pass through the camera several times for exacting multiple exposures. The model 2709 soon became the industry workhorse with by far the longest working career of any camera I know of. Bell & Howell 2709's are still being used for doing time lapse, and are working in the field, even today. I know of a Canadian shooter who loves his, and uses it to shoot the Aurora Borealis in winter, while shooting on location in Canada, the U.S and Mexico in the summer. Granted he has modern computers and electronic stepper motors driving the camera, but, the camera body and movement is still the Bell & Howell 2709. If he manages to contiue shooting until the year 2012 he will have helped make the 2709's working career 100 years long. I don't know of another type of machine that has a working career of that length.



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