The Wood Debrie Parvo ca. 1919 Camera 


Right next to the bubble level is the frame punch lever and the frame shift lever. These two rings pull out to operate. The single frame lever shifts the transmission so that the crank that normally operates at 8 frames per 360 degree rotation of the crank becomes 1 frame per 360 degree rotation of the crank. It is quick and easy to shift.

The cameraman's eyepiece still has the red filter. It shifts into and out of place by rotation of the outer cover. In all the Debrie cameras I have seen in Europe and England I have never seen one with this red filter still in place. The film was black and white so the operator could actually look through the camera while filming and not flash the film with light entering from the eyepiece.

Both focus and F-stop rods are in place and both still work. The lens is a made in Paris E. Krauss No. 116375 Tessar 1:3.5 F=50 mm and it is clear with no fungus and the iris works smoothly and evenly through out the entire range.

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