The Aluminum Debrie Interview
Made in France - Serial Number 58
Price on Request




Here is a Picture of Rudolph Valentino with his own private Debrie camera and tripod. It is incredibly rare that a Debrie camera has a Debrie tripod and head with it. I don't know of another set anywhere. The head and legs have a nice, important, fine antique look to them.This set up is a French work of mechanical art. This set could be used to demonstrate early nineteen hundreds French mechanical engineering and craftsmanship. Debrie cameras were very popular and worked every major studio on both the European and American continents.




Joseph Jules Debrie was the Father of Andre Debrie. Joseph was the holder of the Debrie camera patents and starting right at 1900 he founded the Debrie Company. Andre reopened the company and started making cameras based on the fathers patents at the end of Word War I.


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