The G. Gennert
Made in England ca. 1911




A beautiful Precision Tripod by  Motion Picture Apparatus Company Incorporated comes in this set. I have a difficult time finding words for this outfit. The camera is extremely rare in any condition and the tripod and head are just as rare. These two items make a very exclusive set. The quality is unsurpassed. Original craftsmanship and the condition that the camera and tripod are in nearly one hundred years after manufacture make this an unsurpassed value.


This is an extremely rare and visually striking camera. This is a camera that has an elegance that can't be described. It is a camera that makes one wonder what great historical scenes it has filmed and what great actresses have performed in front of this lens. It is obvious that every owner has loved this camera and taken great effort to keep it in pristine condition. It evokes the feeling that it has been a well loved camera since the beginning of its working career.


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