Jackman Pathe

Ca. 1909

This is a Pathe from the earliest days of the motion picture industry. It was made and used in the industry within about thirteen or fourteen years of the first public screening of the first movie in December, 1895. This is a pioneer camera for sure. It comes complete with the early period tripod seen in the following pictures.

There are very few famous cameras. Most cameras cannot be traced to any single story or event. This one can.

This camera would be a prize possession and worthy of display in any Hollywood office, reception area or screening room.

This Pathe was given to Mr. Fred Jackman in appreciation of his service to the film industry and for his service to the American Society of Cinematographers. More than a hundred and fifty members of the Society of American Cinematographers and their friends gathered January 11, 1950 at the clubhouse in Hollywood where Jack Warner, Hal Roach, Mack Sennett, and Charles Clarke presented this Pathe to Mr. Jackman.

It is extremely rare that any camera can be proven to be associated with any event or film. An article complete with a group picture is in the February 1950 American Society of Cinematographers magazine. Two copies of the ASC magazine come with the camera. One is ‘like new’ and the other is bound in a collection of the first six months of the 1950 ASC issues.

In the article it is mentioned that Mr. Jackman is presented this camera with an engraved plaque. On the front of the camera there is another engraved plaque with the following: "Presented to Fred Jackman honoring his 32 years with the A.S.C. Jan. 11, 1950 Hollywood Camera Exchange, Cliff Thomas.”

Fred Jackman was a great cinematographer and ASC member for many years. He also directed many early groundbreaking movies. He directed the world famous actor and stuntman Yakima Kanut in "King of the Wild Horses" and  "The Devil Horse". He worked "The Jazz Singer" Starring Al Jolson. He was in great demand for his special effects and high technical skill. He installed the Warner Brothers effects department at the request of Jack Warner.

He wrote the screen play and directed Jack London's "Call of the Wild" in 1923. He did special effects on "Captain Blood" and "Charge of the Light Brigade" starring Errol Flynn and  Olivia de Havilland . He did "China Clipper" and "Isle of Fury" with Humphry Bogart. "Stage Struck" with Dick Powell and Joan Blondell, "Anthony Adverse" with Fredrick March and Olivia de Havilland, "The Petrified Forrest" with Bette Davis, Leslie Howard and Humphry Bogart, "The Dawn patrol" Directed by Howard Hawks and starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and James Garner, "Ceiling Zero" directed by Howard Hawks and starring James Cagney, "A Midsummer's Night Dream" with James Cagney, Dick Powell and Mickey Rooney. Fred Jackman worked at the very zenith of the film industry for many years.

In his early career worked Keystone Comedies for Mack Sennett and did many of the Keystone Cops features. He worked for Hal Roach and shot many of the Harold Lloyd feature films. He shot and directed more than 65 films in a career that lasted from 1916 until 1941.

Mr. Jackman was first elected President of the ASC in April of 1921. He was elected President again in 1941 and then in 1943 he was elected Executive Vice President and Treasurer. He served this post until after 1950. He died in Hollywood in 1959, he was 78 years old.