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Here is the ultimate “Mickey Mouse Ears” 35mm motion picture studio camera. This camera would make the best home theater or office lobby display. It is a working original Mitchell camera with a Mitchell tripod and Mitchell head. Original Mitchell camera sets are very rare these days.

The tripod and head are in wonderful condition and are used but not abused. The patina for the camera, tripod and head gives this set a wonderful nostalgic look that is hard to match.

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Most Mitchell cameras had such long careers that they were modernized and upgraded more than once. The camera body containing the movement was such a wonderfully and precisely engineered diamond that several companies used them as the basis for building modern reflexed cameras.

Fries Engineering took hundreds of Mitchell cameras and converted them to modern use cameras by taking off the whole effects rackover base, turret, matt box and motor. They then put a modern lens mount, reflex spinning mirror shutter, digitally controlled  motor, modern matt box system that would take modern filters and through the lens viewing with a video tap attachment. Fries Engineering and PanaVision would have thrown all the old Mitchell accessories seen with this camera in the trash.

Today's PanaVision cameras were based on the Mitchell movement and in fact the first PanaVision cameras were Mitchells that were upgraded to meet industry's modern demands. Many, many Mitchells were converted over to title work and to animation. It is extremely rare to find a Mitchell Standard in factory original condition.

A Mitchell that has been cut up and remanufactured to the standards of the 1980’s now sells for around $7,000. An original undamaged Mitchell is now quite rare sells for somewhat more.

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