Mitchell 390


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It has a very unusual early motor with an Ohmite rheostat. To run a Mitchell at high frame rates one had to start the camera at a lower frame rate and while watching the tachometer increase the speed to the frame rate desired. It works just like a dimmer switch on a household lamp by increasing the voltage to increase the motor speed.

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The lenses are:

28mm Cooke speed panchro F2.0,
30mm Bosch & Lomb Baltar F2.3
40mm Bosch & Lomb Baltar F2.3
75mm Cooke speed panchro F2.0

Each lens has a working iris and clean glass. Not that you are going to shoot with this camera but that you can shoot with this camera. This camera is no shelf queen. It is a real Mitchell used in 35mm film production. Wide angle Cooke speed panchro F2.0 lenses are very popular today and sell on Ebay for around $700 each. The buyers remount them for 35mm still cameras like Cannon and Nikon and usually sell them to high-end still photographers for around $1,500.

The look produced by an uncoated Cooke speed panchro can’t be matched with a modern lens. I’m not saying it’s better to shoot with an old uncoated lens. It’s just a look that is often desired that can’t be found in a modern, high contrast multi coated lens.

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