The Moy & Bastie #341 Camera


This is one of the finest display cameras ever seen. The richness of the wood and the overall even tone to the Mahogany is quite rare and gives an exquisite flavor to this gem. This camera is a prestige piece and shows like the rarity it truly is. It also happens to be in perfect working condition.

The camera has the original side finder and crank. The side finder produces a wonderful period image that gives one some surprising insight to the cameraman's tools. First, the image is upside down. Cameramen from the period all worked with that image. All view cameras of professional quality present the image to the cameraman upside down. Even today it is this way with high end large format still cameras. Second, this image is much brighter in the center than it is on the edges. In low light the cameraman had to 'just know' where the image edge was. All cameramen knew where the image edge was or they didn't work for that producer or director again.

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