The Moy & Bastie serial #370
Made in England ca. 1912
Price on Request


If you look at the other Moy cameras on my web site you will see that I have #366 also.  I acquired these cameras years apart. I'd bet good money that these two cameras were together on the work bench at the factory when new. It's something like old brothers reunited. I keep them next to each other in my shop. I hope they both end up with the same new caretaker after me."

This camera and tripod set are a visual dream.  The wood in the tripod is beautiful and compliments the camera in every way. It is the best known of all the professional tripods and heads. It is the one tripod that consistently shows up in production stills taken on all the major studio locations. There were many companies that licensed the manufacture of this tripod and head under their own names. Burke & James, Bass and Universal Camera all had this tripod and head made with their brand names on them.


This Moy is a real visual treat. Number 370 is a user camera for sure. The man that owned this camera was a real professional Cinematographer who obviously cared for this camera very much. I wish I knew more about him. His name is R. Norcott. He put his name on the back side of the film boxes. This camera is a real veteran and has been through many, many shoots. It is well cared for and is in perfect running condition. It is used but not worn out.



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