The Moy & Bastie serial #370
Made in England ca. 1912
Price on Request



The chain drive and gear train on this camera demonstrates the quick progression of the mechanics of Moy & Bastie from 1909 to 1912. If you look at the pictures of the other Moy cameras you will see a less sophisticated mechanical way to drive the film take up. This camera had the ability to run backwards. In just a few short years cameramen were doing a great deal of special effects in camera. An example would be matting out a part of the frame and filming someone playing a violin. Putting the lens cap on and cranking the camera backwards to the head of the scene and then blanking out the already exposed violin player and shooting a new scene of an angel in the upper portion of the frame. This would give you double exposures of impossible scenes. Another popular photographic trick was to put the camera in the middle of a railroad track directly in front of a train. Cranking the camera backwards and backing the train up would give you the look at the theater of the train coming directly up to the lens at a high rate of speed.



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