Moy & Bastie #393
"The Seasoned Veteran"
Made In England ca.1912
Price on Request



"The Seasoned Veteran" This camera is no closet queen or museum shelf queen. This camera was a worker. It is a beautiful camera and views with great emotional impact. It still is in working condition and passes film without a scratch on the emulsion side or the base side.


The tripod and gear head are manufactured by "Universal Camera Company". The head still works as originally designed, but excitingly, the camera man has adapted his gear head to work for him in a different manner. The gear head has been adapted to use the drop out mechanism for the panning gear as a friction pan. I absolutely love any changes that were made to Movie cameras and equipment. It is quite rare to have the parts and pieces used to make the equipment work in a different manner. This camera and gear head just have a personal touch that isn't there in any
other set.


Jeff Smith, one of the best Grips in Hollywood, gave me the name for this camera. I have never named a camera before. I usually just refer to them by serial number but this camera has a great feeling to it and has become the exception. This camera was stolen sometime in it's life as someone tried to obliterate the serial number from the main frame of the gear set. What they didn't know is the factory workmen put the serial number all over the inside workings of the camera. The serial number is written in very small numbers on many of the gears. It is written in large numbers in pencil on the inside of the viewing tube also. I'd love to know where this camera has been and what it has shot. It truly is a "Seasoned Veteran".



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