The Prestwich Model 5
ca. 1908


John Alfred Prestwich founded Prestwich Manufacturing Company in 1895. This is the very beginning of cinema. The only way to enter into the industry any earlier would to have started one year earlier, in 1894. More on Mr. Prestwich and his company at the end of the description of this camera. 

I have only had two other Model 5 cameras. My first one is in the main meeting room of Dektor Films in Hollywood where the preeminent director Mr. Leslie Dektor has his on display. The second one is elsewhere on this web site.

This is a very Early Model 5 as the lens is a "Cooke Cinematograph".  It's quite rare that the lens hasn't been changed from the original. The wood of this camera has a nice warm tone and is even throughout. It still has the original factory finish and has few scratches. It was well cared for and may have retired early in it's career.


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