The Prestwich Model 5
ca. 1908


The lens is a Cooke Cinematograph 2 in. 3.5 serial number 43487. The F-stops range from F3.5 to F16. Unusually the focus is marked in yards instead of feet. I have never seen this. I have an inquirery off to the Cooke manufacturers and will post it here if they reply.

The camera cost $250 new. This may not seem much by today's standards but one has to know that a good wool suit was $5 at this time. The camera cost the same as 50 suits.

One of the things that make Prestwich cameras stand out from all the other cameras is that the variable shutter is outside the camera body. The lens is mounted on a small hinged box on the front of the camera. It is swung open to change the shutter angle.


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