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Bioscope Motion Picture Studio CameraBioscope Studio Motion Picture Camera


This Bioscope camera probably dates back to 1910 or earlier. Bioscope cameras were very popular and were sometimes used to shoot the "second" negative. Scenes were often shot with two cameras right next to each other. The second negative was then exported to a foreign country where it was processed and then cut into a feature. Hence, as an unfinished product, the costs of customs and import duties were negated.

Bioscope Motion Picture Studio CameraIt is interesting that the Bioscope movement was purchased from Alfred Darling. At the time, he built movements for Williamson and Bioscope, among others. The logo can be seen stamped in the brass "side finder" on the rear of the camera, as a blend of the letters A and D. can also be seen on the main mechanism support frame, usually near the shutter. He manufactured and shipped all the metal parts and sent patterns for the wood along. The blue print was then taken to a cabinet maker, who created the wood body. Thus, Darling was exporting parts and not a finished camera, reducing the high duty cost of a "finished" motion picture camera.

Bioscope Motion Picture Studio CameraA Bioscope camera cost about nine hundred US dollars in 1909, the cost of an average house at that time. Throughout this century a good 35mm motion picture camera has consistently cost about the same as an average house.

Among its features, this camera has a frames per second "speedometer" on the crank side just above the footage counter. When a cameraman wanted a certain "feel" to a scene he would often crank the camera just a little faster or slower to give an emotional emphasis to the footage. We still use this terminology today when we ask to over crank or under crank a scene.

Bioscope Motion Picture Studio CameraThis camera comes complete with an antique tripod and gearhead.

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