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Ernemann Kino Model A


Ernemann Kino Model AThis is an Ernemann Kino Model A with a two hundred foot film capacity, (60 meters). It was manufactured around 1915.

It is in extremely nice condition. Mechanically this is a fine camera. It runs very smoothly. It has a 50mm f3.5 original Ernemann lens.  The camera has a normal eight frames per crank, crank shaft and it also has a one frame per crank, crank shaft.  This camera would have been able to shoot time-lapse in it's day. Actually, this camera would shoot now.

Ernemann Kino Model A - counter detailBobby Arnold Sr. had one of these cameras as his personal camera before he and Mr. Richter invented the Arriflex camera. Arriflex being a combination of the last names Arnold And Richter. Mr. Arnold's camera was lost when the Arriflex factory burned to the ground during the bombing of Munich, Germany in 1944. 

Dresden was also burned and what ever was left of any Ernemann Company equipment was lost at that time. Many of these cameras did not survive through the hyper inflation of the 1920's and the fire bombing of German Cities during World War II. What few that did survive were out of the country by the end of the war.

Ernemann Kino Model AThese were very popular cameras due to their German craftsmanship.  They were what a Director of Photography wanted in a camera. It was rugged and precise at the same time.

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