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Gennert picturePhoto Cines Press Camera No. 99 G.GENNERT NEW YORK-CHICAGO-LOS ANGELES-SEATTLE


This is a wonderful little camera. It has engine turning on the Magazine doors and machinist hand tooling marks on the exposed aluminum parts of the camera body. There is a two way bubble level and a flip up target style finder.

Critical focus is done on ground film through a viewing port in the door. It has a Bausch and Lomb Tessar 50mm f3.5 lens. It is quite clean and has a one to one crank shaft as well as an 8 to one crank shaft. It also has a really cute and unique wooden take-up film core. The camera will run backwards for double exposures and other effects. It has a 180 degree shutter.

This camera would be great for shooting today. My machinist has made an adapter so the camera will take modern film cores. We have made a Nikon Mount for the front of the camera so it will also take modern Nikon 35mm still lenses and filters but you can still shoot with the original uncoated low contrast lens too. It has quite a simple movement. Owning this camera is probably the most economical way a cameraman could give "THE LOOK" of old films to modern production.

Gennert pictureThe interest today in getting "THE LOOK" has become quite fun. Most people are under the conception that the scratches were put on the films of the early period by the camera. If you are a DP today you just have to think about how you judge your work and then think of a DP on a feature in 1915. He was not going to supply a scratched neg. All the scratches and dirt were put on the film after production. Poorly adjusted projectors and mishandling by projectionists is the source of that "LOOK". By the time most of us got to see these films the prints were fifty or more years old, spliced, brittle and with shrunken sprocket holes. All of these flaws would lead to broken film, skipping and lost loops in the projector, hence more scratches.

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