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Mitchell BNC #87Mitchell BNC #87


This Mitchell BNC #87 was manufactured in December of 1950 and first delivered in January of 1951. This camera worked up until the late 1960's and then was retired when the owner closed the company.

The camera comes with a huge gear head and a set of wooden legs. It has all its' original operating parts. Four lenses, Follow Focus, Matte Box, Side Finder with flip up focus cams, 1000 foot mags, motor and all the traveling cases that go with all the camera parts.

Mitchell BNC #87It is unusual that a camera of this age is still original and complete. It has had none of the after market camera conversions that usually happen to cameras as film technology advances.

Being such a low serial number makes me think that the possibility of there being a complete, unmodified camera older than this one is remote.

Mitchell BNC #87The Mitchell BNC was the camera of choice for major motion picture production from just before the beginning of World War II through the advent of the Mitchell BNCR in December 1967.

Mitchell BNC #87BNC #1 was made in August of 1934, #2 was August, 1935, # 3 was January 1937. Because of the war, there was only one camera made between 1939 and 1946, this was #18 made in June of 1941. After the war production by Mitchell Camera Corp. increased dramatically and in 1947 they made 32 cameras, serial number 32 through 64. The age of Hollywood in the 1950s' was about to roll and a Mitchell BNC was the camera of choice. Mitchell BNC #87 was on the leading edge of this period.

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