Dodge - Antique 35mm Motion Picture Studio Cameras

Universal Motion Picture Studio CameraUniversal Camera Corp, Chicago
ca. 1920


This is a very nice 35mm Universal Movie Camera.  It was made by the Universal Camera Corp. Chicago, Ill. Not to be confused with the movie studio of the same name.  It is a good looking Unisversal and has very few paint chips and brassing.  The engine turning on the aluminum doors is in fantastic condition with only a slight yellowing of the lacquer over finish.  It holds two hundred feet of film inside engine turned, removable, film box style magazines.

These cameras were designed to be field cameras. Because of their reliability Universals were probably the most popular of all the field cameras. As time went along Universal added different filmatic tricks to the mechanism in hopes of getting some of the "Studio Camera" market.  The mechanism is very much a copy of the most reliable Pathe' or Lumiere movement.

It was real common to see several of these cameras available from the camera department of any of the major Hollywood studios.  Almost every feature that required second unit or scenic work checked out a Universal as a matter of fact in their camera order. Because of it's high serial number this Universal must be from around 1920. Mechanically this camera is in a real shooting condition and has a very pleasing and smooth movement.

Universal Motion Picture Studio Camera MagazinesThe lens is a 50mm f3.5  Bausch & Lomb Tessar, series 1C,  patented Feb. 24, 1903.  The iris operation is very smooth.

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