Dodge - Antique 35mm Motion Picture Studio Cameras

Williamson  (approximately 1909 to 1917) 


Williamson Motion Picture CameraThe Williamson was a very popular camera. These cameras were used for many years and were a work horse of the industry. Williamson exported this camera all over the world.  They worked the British Empire and because they were so popular many of them made their way to America and the film industry in the United States.

Williamson Motion Picture CameraThey worked the early years on the East Coast before Hollywood was really going strong. Once Hollywood caught on, the Williamson was a very popular camera here.  I believe all major studios had more than one of these cameras.

The cameras were made with a "Darling Brothers" movement. I believe it was Alfred or Albert Darling that used his initials on all the movements made by the brothers. I'm not sure of the first name, but the logo is a blend of an "A" and a "D" and was often stamped in the brass sport finders but was always stamped on the main frame of the camera, usually near the shutter.

Williamson Motion Picture Camera - counter detail

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