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The Akeley Camera Room
Akeley # 257


This camera is going to be very difficult to write about. I almost never shoot any film with these cameras because they all shoot film. Some better than others but mostly they just expose film. This camera is so incredible that I have decided to steady test it to the same exact standards we use on the modern cameras of today. The film from the steady test is included in the sale. When I first saw this camera I thought of it as a museum piece. After spending time in the cleaning and adjusting of this camera I have come to think of it as a shooter. I think this camera is a great candidate to go back to work.

The first thing you see is that the camera is round. All other cameras were square and they all remained boxes even after Akeley's design and proof of concept. Mechanically the shutter travels in a circle completely around the camera body and completely around the entire film load. This gave the camera the ability to have a two hundred and thirty degree shutter, allowing one third more light to strike the film than any other camera.
Mr. Akeley needed to shoot at dawn and dusk for his wildlife shots. In conventional camera movements the use of a one hundred and eighty degree shutter was mechanically very difficult to achieve. No one else had two hundred and thirty degrees and in fact it wasn't until PanaVision's adoption and change of the Mitchell movement did a camera attain two hundred and twenty degrees in the 1970's.

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