The Bell & Howell 2709 serial #231
Made in the U.S.A. in 1918
Price on Request



This Bell & Howell motion picture camera is a true pioneer in the Australian film industry. By the time this particular camera was made, everyone in Hollywood knew that the Bell & Howell model 2709 was the pinnacle of motion picture camera manufacturing. All others paled in comparison. Any one purchasing a Bell & Howell 35mm motion picture camera during this period was on the leading edge in the film industry. Indeed, in order to afford one of these, one had to be of special stature and it took a large production to justify such a purchase.

This particular camera, number 231, was purchased by Australasian Films, ltd. of Sydney Australia in March of 1918. It was next up from Mary Pickford's camera number 230, and is from the silent period of great stars and huge film productions. Other cameras with closely related serial numbers were as follows:

# 227 Charles Chaplin.
# 230 Mary Pickford.
# 231 Australasian Films.
# 232 Arthur Edison.



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