The Darling
Made in England ca. 1906
Price on Request



This camera has a wonderful Akeley tripod and gear head. The camera and gear head are from the earliest days of the motion picture industry. The two of them look quite fascinating together and bring up thoughts of horseless carriages, Wright Fliers and horse drawn streetcars. This set is from the days when making motion pictures  was called, "The art of Motography".

If you look carefully at the picture of Richard and the camera you can see a white canvas cloth 'ditty bag' hanging under the head, between the three wood legs of the tripod. It is amazingly rare to have anything like this survive the nearly one hundred years it took to get this camera and tripod here today. In the last thirty years I've only seen one other cloth ditty bag and it was so rotten that it couldn't be displayed..


Cameras like this are extremely rare. It is a beauty and the digital pictures don't do it any justice at all. Not only does it look beautiful, it feels beautiful to the touch. Few display cameras have the emotional impact this camera has. I say, "..display camera.." but like all the cameras on my web site it is not only for display but it is a working camera, unless otherwise stated.


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