L.A. Camera

Here are many more photos of this exceptional camera. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I did taking them.

This is one of the major improvements by Frese. The axel shaft support is a beefy cast bronze block not found in the Williamson or Darling cameras.

An early lens as there is no F5.6. The F Stops jump from F5 to F6.8.

    The camera has an adjustable shutter AND a way to adjust where the picture frame falls in relation to the sprocket holes on the film. This wasn’t standard and the cameraman had to adjust the picture to the sprocket holes depending on where the film was to be processed and released as their lab equipment and projectors weren’t all the same.

This camera will shoot using today’s film as the sprocket hole shape was agreed upon by the entire industry in 1909.

These are the main drive gears.



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