The Prestwich - ca. 1910
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This Prestwich is a wonderful camera. When new it was $250. That doesn't seem like much but one has to remember that a good, high quality wool suit was $5. That comes out to equal about 50 good wool suits.

It comes with a nice Akeley tripod and head. The head is newer than the camera by a few years. The head is patented in 1921. The camera is from around 1910. The camera front lens board has been replaced some time in the past. As with many, many of these cameras the front lens board was probably cracked while taking the camera in or out of the case.


Another very early camera. It has a wonderful dark Mahogany body and is a real magnificent looking camera. Mechanically this camera is easy to crank and has a beautiful set of brass gears and brass flywheel. It has three places for the crank to be inserted. The camera can be cranked forward at 8 frames per revolution of the crank, reverse at 8 frames per crank and forward at one frame per crank. This has to be one of the earliest special effects cameras as it will do a good variety of effects because of this. There is a viewing tube down the center of the camera, between the magazines, that allows for critical focus viewing right on the film. The film side of the box is gorgeous and transports film without a scratch. It is in fine working condition and would shoot film today.



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