Genesis Prestwich Model 4
Serial number 1626
Made in England in the Edwardian Period (1898-1906)
Price on Request




As far as I can tell there have only been three of these cameras available for purchase in the last ten years. That is including this one.This camera is in wonderful condition. The wood has a color and age tone of at least a one hundred year old fine antique. There is an extremely wonderful feeling about this camera. I get a feeling of being in the presence of something of great historical importance to the film industry. A kind of reverence, if you will.

This camera worked the movies before there were movie stars. The films from this period were made popular by the production company. The production company was the star. People went to see a movie just because it was a Pathe, Bioscope, or Urban. All of this was from a time well before Fox or Paramount or Universal. This camera is from the Genesis of the movie business.



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