Genesis Prestwich Model 4
Serial number 1626
Made in England in the Edwardian Period (1898-1906)
Price on Request




This camera is so simple and it runs so smooth. I have scratch tested this camera and it passes film without a scratch to the emulsion, base or any damage to sprocket holes. This camera is in working condition and would shoot today. The leaves of the iris are not in the lens and they could be replaced or you could just use neutral density filters to control the F stop. The footage counter has been removed on every Model 4 I have seen so I think there must have been a flaw in the mechanics that caused all owners to take the footage counter out of their cameras.

It seems primitive to us today but this was a camera of the highest demand for the period. Prestwich had a very unusual mechanical way to get film transported and exposed. First, the shutter is on the outside of the camera body. It is covered by the lens box. The lens is mounted on a box on the outside of the camera and it swings out of the way on two hinges so you can get to the shutter to change the shutter angle. Secondly, most cameras from this period have the film pull down claws in front of the film but Prestwich has the pull down claws inside the camera body behind the film.



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