Genesis Prestwich Model 4
Serial number 1626
Made in England in the Edwardian Period (1898-1906)
Price on Request




The film boxes are on the outside of this camera. The change from having the film boxes on the outside to having the film boxes on the inside of the camera body was one of the great innovations in the evolution of film cameras. Like so many things from the Genesis period, the innovations seem so simple and blatantly obvious to us now. In the period of movie camera infancy, making the camera a larger box with the film boxes inside the camera body was quite a welcome innovation.

It has a piece of wood missing from the lower left front corner of the camera body and sliver from the rear magazine edge and normally I have a fine cabinet maker put a small slice of wood in for the missing piece. On this particular camera I think it is so rare and valuable that I may not do that.



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